Does Reduced Amount of Soil Tilling Allow for More Carbon Dioxide to Remain in the Soil?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype over what organic farming can mean for our society and the public health of the entire world. Of course, there will always be those who urge caution; the test of time often proves some of these things wrong. However, a 30-year study on organic farming techniques has recently been completed, and a number of unintended benefits to organic farming have been found, including the ability to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

The Rodale Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving research in the field of organic farming. Recently, the institute just published a white paper detailing the results of a 33-year study of its proprietary Farm Systems Trial; the paper also incorporated information from 75 studies published in peer-reviewed journals. The study found that not only can organic farming create the same amount of fresh produce as conventional farming techniques, it also sequesters a great deal of the carbon dioxide existing in the soil, preventing it from returning to the atmosphere.

As this article published by The Wall Street Journal discusses, the Rodale Institute’s study found that the reduced amount of soil tilling allowed more carbon dioxide to remain in the soil. The study suggests that if all farmland across the world were converted to organic farming, about 71 percent of the world’s annual CO2 emissions could be absorbed by the soil.

Obviously, less tilling of soil will also result in less energy used by organic farming operations, but the findings of the Rodale Institute’s study are pretty incredible. Per acre, organic farmers use just over 3,000 megajoules of energy every year, but a conventional farm will use close to 5,000 megajoules per acre per year. As a result, greenhouse gases contributed to the atmosphere from organic farms are also much less.

Many people comment about the incredible price of organic foods, from planting them to selling them in supermarkets and grocery stores. However, in another win for organic farms, the study found that farmers actually earn more profit from organic farms rather than through conventional farming techniques. As the United States tries to find a new generation of farmers to replace retirees, it’s good to know that a better model for earning money is starting to develop.

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