Know Where Your Food Comes From

carrots growing

The entire organic food movement has spawned a much greater focus on the sources of the food we consume everyday. As a society, we’re learning that it’s very important to know where your food has come from, and what growers have been putting into the crops that make up our food.

Many organic food enthusiasts pride themselves as being supporters of local food growing initiatives. Most consumers see only see the end product that they buy in a grocery store. If an apple is labeled as organic, then you know that the crop was grown without the application of pesticides. However, what about eggs and other animal products which grow in much different ways?

Organic animal feed, like the variety we offer here at All Star Trading, helps ensure that chickens, cattle and other livestock are fed only with organic ingredients. But a strange paradox has been developing that has required many organic growers of livestock to look overseas for their feed supply.

According to this news report from National Public Radio, our increasing taste and desire for organic food is partly to blame for this situation. American farmers cannot grow enough organic corn and soybean for feed, so we end up importing a large number of organic soybeans, almost half of what our country uses, from countries like China and India. Alternatively, we end up sending most of our conventional, non-organic soybean crops to these countries in return, feeding their populations.

Staying close to the food supply is a major concern for those who want to see an organic world develop. Many of the precepts of organic food are closely tied to environmentalism and sustainability. Developing better local sources of organic food would be a great way to cut down on pollution and costs incurred by transporting crops.

All Star Trading is standing by right now to handle all of your agricultural grain and livestock feed needs. Whether you need organic or conventional feed, we have dozens of varieties for any kind of animal feed.