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Fields of sunflowers under a blue skyWelcome to All Star Trading! We are a reliable, agricultural grain and feed merchandising company. For more than a decade, we have been supplying ingredients for the pet food industry, live stock industry and the natural foods industry, with our high-quality selection. We offer a wide variety of feed ingredients, including both conventional and organic commodities. Additionally, we manufacture a 100% natural weed and feed fertilizer for the lawn and garden industry.

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    The All Star Team is made up of many professional merchandisers, dedicated to providing excellent customer service and bringing value to each and every purchase and sale. The All Star network of merchants is communicating daily with buyers and sellers, providing valuable information that benefits all of our vendors and customers. We have a logistic department that provides our vendor and customer base with on time truck pick up and delivery as well as rail options to suit your needs.

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    The freight market is extremely volatile. With supply chain disruptions around the world and right down on the farm, All Star’s team of merchandisers and logistic coordinators can assure you that we have the tools to get commodities moved. All Star also has a fleet of owned and leased railcars under our control to ensure we have the equipment in place to ship rail commodities throughout the US. Our 6300 cubic feet cars are some of the largest in the market, giving our network the most bang for the buck when it comes to rail shipping.

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