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National Farmer Market’s Week!


Only a few days ago Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, has declared the second week in August as National Farmer’s Market week. It will span from the 3rd of August to the 9th. This is something we have come to expect over the past fifteen years, since it started in the year 2000, but because much… Read more »

Know Where Your Food Comes From

carrots growing

The entire organic food movement has spawned a much greater focus on the sources of the food we consume everyday. As a society, we’re learning that it’s very important to know where your food has come from, and what growers have been putting into the crops that make up our food. Many organic food enthusiasts… Read more »

Harsh Winter is Putting Great Stress On Grain Supply

snow covered grain

This winter has been a treacherous one, wreaking havoc with snow showers and frigid temperatures all across the country. Of course, this has affected the national and global economy in many ways. As usual, the agricultural industry seems to be hit the hardest when it comes to adverse weather conditions. At the moment, many parts… Read more »

Recent Stories around the Agricultural Industry

harvested vegetables

As we enter the New Year, debate surrounds the highly anticipate Farm Bill. Here are a few other recent stories involving the agricultural industry and its involvement in government. Attempt to Kill Ethanol Mandates Some U.S. Senators are pushing a bill to get rid of current corn ethanol mandates. They believe that the mandates make… Read more »